AHR  613159
    DOB  18 May 2004
    UC Davis Tested Homzygous Black
    Dahmah Shahwaniyah
    NO Minstril or Thee desperado Blood

    Egypt I, 84.0%
    Blunt, 6.4%
    Inshass, 5.7%
    Egypt II, 3.9%


     Jamala Akira, is a Homzygous Black, Straight Egyptian Arabian. She is a
     Pyramid Society, Al Khamsa, BlueList, Asil Arabian Sport-Horse. Akira
     is also Heirloom El Deree and El Dahma, though her rare Mahfouz line
     traces to El Kahila and El Shahbaa, both of which are not heirloom, nor
     are her 2 rare Bint El Sheikh lines(one thru Bint El Samraa via
     Talalsons dam line & the other a rare Ghandoura line via
     Zaghlouls dam line). Akira is of the Dahmah Shahwaniyah strain.
     Akira is a TRUE LEGACY

     Akiras Dam line is ½ Babson lines thru Bint Shar Gemla (Class A
     Native Costume Pleasure Class Champ) and has one line to Sirecho and
     the other ¼ is Gleannloch bred, Zaghloul thru Ibn Zaghloul, who was
     National Top Ten Futurity Colt & won multiple Class a Championships at
     Jamala Akiras Sire, Al Asham Amir, is son of non other than Khe
     Adhm, who is famous for producing deep heart girths, laid back
     shoulders, long hips & short coupling get with loads of performance
     horse talent!...and he is the ONLY full brother of the now deceased
     Saud El Ameer. Al Asham Amir and is a typical versatile Arabian
     Sport-Horse having been trained in several disciplines which include
     trail riding, western, driving, and dressage. He is from a long line of
     race & endurance performers, one full brother, Khe Adh Amir, a race
     winner, and another full brother, Khe Adh Emir, being a top contender
     in endurance. Akiras sire line is Clark, Kline and Pritzlaff bred.
     She has close-up lines to Theegyptianprince, Gita RSI, Adhem, Mashhour,
     Akira is 14.3 hh barefoot, is 900#, and is very full-bodied. She has a
     very sculptured wide head with beautiful tipped ears, gently sloped
     dish, & huge nostrils. Akira is very conformationally correct and has a
     gently sloped shoulder. Her ground-covering trot never seems to leave
     the ground, she is so smooth Ive always thought a person could
     drink a cup of tea and never spill a drop! Nice short back, a lovely
     croup, and a high set tail. Akiras mane & tail are very wavy, and
     she is completely black but for just a few white hairs where there
     would be a star, some silvering on the tip of her lips that onl
     shows up during the winter, and she also has some, what I would term,
     white stripes in her front arm pits! She has passed this on to her son,
     AH Fareed Rafik, who is a full Homozygous Black Extreme Rabicano with a
     skunk tail.