To preserve the Arabian breed and protect the straight Egyptian blood lines,

always breeding with the utmost integrity to improve the quality of the next

generation. Each foal is imprinted with love, affection, and discipline with

The spirit of the desert deeply imbeded in each of them. All our

Arabians have that disposition.


We use only the pedigrees that will enhance the original Arabian horse that

the Bedouins spent thousands of years perfecting, which has almost been lost

by breeders trying to Pretty Up the breed. The true Arabian is a

strong boned, highly versitle endurance horse which is willing to do

anything for their rider at a moments notice with the smallest of cues and

is the gentlest of souls and a true family horse. The Arabian is the

original sport horse.


Chelated vitamin and mineral supplements are all we use and offer for sale

in the MAC, Metal Amino acid Chelate, line of animal nutrition along with

Chaffhaye, premium pasture in a bag, for the healthiest of horses. We also

use and offer the very absorbent Best Cob corn cob bedding and white cedar

fence posts for the best of fencing.